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M Matt M Staff Oct 31, 2023

Request for feedback on Tana Desktop!

We have released Tana Desktop

We are looking for feedback and first impressions. Please add any feedback on in the thread below.

This feedback will be considered by the product team for our first round of updates in the coming weeks.

Please note, this is not a place for submitting bugs. If you are encountering a bug, please file a report in app via 'submit a bug' in the bottom left settings menu in your Tana workspace.

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Any plans for offline support soon? I also miss the ability to customize fonts in Arc :(

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Lovely! Appart from offline support, could you please make it possible to make the font size smaller?

Edit: nevermind. Just realized you can zoom in and out with ⌘ - and ⌘ +.

What I miss is for the app to sit on the system tray (Windows user here), just like Todoist, TickTick, Trello, Asana, etc., when you press the close button. This way, it's always running in the background, using very little RAM and resources. And by pressing a global key combination, you can jot down a note from anywhere (similar to how you can record your voice from anywhere).

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? Deleted User Nov 2, 2023
In reply to Morgan Collett Morgan Collett

you have to check the option "AI for builders" under Settings > Tana Labs.

  1. On Linux the app continuously mentions to be off-line, similar to what happend with the Android app in the past.
  2. When recording with CTRL Shift E, it's not really clear when the microphone has been started for recording. The visual is rather small and not central placed on the screen. It looks like that the recording interface doesn't come to the foreground

You are amazing, to launch the desktop app and for Linux that fast

Would love to see a universal capture for text as well. Something like the Quick Add in the sidebar but you can trigger it from any app / anywhere like how you can record audio.

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Overall great....except for me (Mac OS Sonoma) the app opens and takes up the entire screen (fills entire 32in monitor), and thinking it's in fullscreen mode, I click the green icon to minimize and it gets even slightly bigger. So the only way to get it to be open in half of my screen is to drag each corner to the preferred size, and if the app closes and I re-open it goes back to this behavior it's a little annoying.

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Want to bump this as high as I can here and in Slack. This would be such a "killer feature" for me. Way better than other capture tools because of Tana's super powers

Some immediate thoughts (I'm on macOS 13)

  • Closing the Tana window should not quit the app. This means it has to start up each time, which is very annoying
  • ⌘W should close the window without quitting, ⌘H should hide the app
  • ⇧⌘E opening the voice recording from anywhere is great but it's frustrating that it requires the app to be focused - this (1) means that you can't use the shortcut if Tana is not running (which it's going to be if you've closed the window on Mac) and (2) means you actually end of context switching to Tana which in my opinion defeats the purpose of a universal short cut
  • Having a universal shortcut for regular quick capture would be WONDERFUL
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Yeah, this should be an easy fix? Please look into this, it's a minor issue but it is annoying :) Otherwise: excellent that this app exists! All the browser "PWA" stuff just was a bit too much hassle.