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Rafał Olenderski Rafał Olenderski Jun 27, 2024

Global shortcut to perform actions (prompt)

Explain the problem as you see it

When I'm using other apss or doing something but not in tana and then I got a thought that I would like to write as fast I may or open the specific thing for example note to write something or edit. We write code or something

Why is this a problem for you?

For exmaple using Akiflow or Notion or Routine app that have global feature.

  • Notion add feature to search fast a thing in the all notes and then open it. It's helps a lot to work efficient.
  • Akiflow to create task / event with priority and other specific things. It's helps a lot to work efficient.
  • Routine app combined both approaches above, ctrl+space helps find a thing in notes, tasks or even create task note, event. That is the thing. We never lose a thoughts in fast life.

If we have similar feature we don't need to lose focus and don't got confusing to changing the app. Just fast way to get what we need, in every place we need. We will not lose our thoughts and focus on the current thing, we can write something down and then come back to it.

Suggest a solution

Add similar prompt as in my references to Routine app, Akiflow, Notion. I think it' is good to know all of them to understand the thing. But the main focus may be on Routine app and Notion like approach.