Newly Released Feature Feedback
M Matt M Staff Nov 9, 2023

Request for feedback on Text selections toolbar

We have released our new feature called: Text selection toolbar

We are looking for feedback and first impressions. Please add any feedback on in the thread below.

This feedback will be considered by the product team for our first round of updates in the coming weeks.

Please note, this is not a place for submitting bugs. If you are encountering a bug, please file a report in app via 'submit a bug' in the bottom left settings menu in your Tana workspace.

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Loved the new format options!

One ask: when double clicking a word to select it and open the toolbar, the space following the word is getting selected as well (and then formated when I chose to highlight, for instance). Can you make it so only the word I double click gets selected?

Editing alias on the fly → Would love to be able to edit aliases just like regular text, without making whole alias a separate object, which is selectable only as a whole. I would see it as having a toolbar appear above the text being an alias. This way we can remove the "Edit alias" altogether.

Not like this: image.png

But rather like this (being able to put cursor in the text of an alias and edit it on the fly): image.png

As an improvement for aliases, I would see a (system?) field "Aliases" where the user can input all of the aliases he can think of when creating a node, which could later be searchable just like the original node. It could be done similar to Options field with predefined options and gathering all new options (aliases) in the same place.

I think navigating tana through inline reference links is now slower than before. Often when I'm just browsing tana and moving though the references I might not have my hand on the keyboard ready to hold the alt/option key with the left click, and with just mouse it's quite slow when you have to click, move mouse to the open button and click again. Also I think it is somewhat expected behaviour for links to open when you left click on them, like url links do.

Maybe activate the toolbar by right clicking the inline reference and use left click for opening it? (The toolbar is not really a right click menu like interface element though and you want the right click menu to look the same though out the app. And I can see how the current behaviour is consistent with ideal touch screen input interactions...)

Double click/tap to open the inline link could improve the situation as well, like some other people have suggested.

Would love if the toolbar could use AI for smart suggestions. Maybe it could detect a name and suggest a tag? Or recognize dates that are plain text to convert them? I could also see commands popping up there or automations.

I would love to see add link and clear link. Links are actually hard to work with in Tana. You can't edit the text, you can't edit the URL, all you can do is click on it to open it in the browser. The selection toolbar is the perfect place to improve this.