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Ki An Ki An Jun 30, 2024

Tana Calender , not about integration

Explain the problem as you see it

I wish that, Tana makes, its own, full-fledged Calender - "TanaCal" - something, with features of SmartSchedule..etc
i think its possible in Tana, already with the Features, it have? supertags..etc ..

Why is this a problem for you?

subscriptions - piling up.. (Im a student)
I already have to pay for OpenAI api(irreplacable - as I have to use it, for many of my projects)
over that Tana service - is also important; also, a SmartSchedule service -like Reclaim- adding to the subscription Pile... making it more difficult financially to manage --- I wish TanaCal to reduce my dependency on other services...

Suggest a solution

Please build a Calender system with Smart Schedule -- seems easily duable with Powerful features already present in tana..