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Rafał Olenderski Rafał Olenderski Jun 27, 2024

Drag and drop task, create event, notes for events in calendar (2-way integration) with agenda

Explain the problem as you see it


When problem happened?

  • every day that I'm planning my time or create a note I need to use few apps.
  • several times a day when I'm catching thoughts / task / notes in fast life

Why is this a problem for you?

We need to use a lot of apps (for note taking, calender / calendar with task or even tasks sometimes), and change our focus it's no efficient and sometimes it's confusing.

I would also prefer to pay a little more for an app and have it more complete than to use a few extras that you also sometimes have to pay for if they are to be done well.

It's hard to keep everything organised when we using few apps aften I miss something I add to the app, task or note. Often it's important thing.

Then I don't need to think where I drop this idea, task or note.

I would like to make life easier.

One application to organise will resolve the problems.

Suggest a solution

I would like to raise a idea. It's drag and drop list with calendar also have calendar integration.
Below bullet points related to features

  • 2-way integration with calendar like Google calendar.
  • list of tasks from notes and features:
    • grouping tasks by notes, tags
    • sorting tasks (create time, priority, name of task)
    • task with description that is a note page (sometimes one task have a lot of things to do and dependencies)
    • drag and drop task to the calendar
  • agenda of the day (view)