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Rahul Rajeev Rahul Rajeev Jun 26, 2024

A github style heatmap for writing and an in page word counter

Explain the problem as you see it

I use Tana for everything now, including my morning pages practise. One area where I struggle is when it comes to counting the number of words I have written. It serves as a ready indicator of progress quantitively.

Similarly a total words written per day, serves as a guide to measuring how much you have worked today and is really useful for writers.

Why is this a problem for you?

  • Morning Pages is like a minimum of 750 words; and right now I don't have any solution inside Tana to measure if I have reached that many words

Suggest a solution

Either display the number of words inside a block somewhere is the bottom side of the ui or add a command palette tool to ask tana how many words have been written. A github style heat map of number of words per day as a separate functionality will also be an added bonues.